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  • Hassan Mesrabi

    Chief Executive Officer

    With over 15 Years of Real Estate industry experience in Dubai and Sharjah, Hassan Mesrabi. brings a wealth of investment knowledge and integrity to his Clients.

    A business intellectual and a smart investor, Hassan co-owns HSH Global and HSH Holiday Homes, all wrapped up in helping Local and Foreign Investors looking to invest and start businesses in Dubai, UAE.

  • Hassan Kazabr

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    A Business Partner and CEO, Hassan Kazabr brings with him real time International business experience in the Real Estate Investment market. A talented and highly successfully person in Property Sales.

    Hassan works with so much diligence and integrity with clients and investors while keeping his Team motivated by his drive for success.

  • Rasha Seddeeq

    Senior Investment Advisor

    Having an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and industry, Rasha is well informed. When it concerns her clients, She believes in a philosophy of transparency.

  • Tajamul Javed

    Director of Sales

    Strong willed and energetic with great passion for Clients, Tajamul is Specialist in Off-Plan Sales. With knowledge in Dubai Real Estate and good insight in Property Investment

    Tajamul is a goal-getter who puts out the best of him in making sure his Clients are satisfied in the right Property and Project inquired for, while boosting sales revenue in closed transactions for the Company.

  • Mohamed Baghajati

    Senior Property Advisor

    With over 13 Years of work experience in the Financial sector, Mohamed comes with a lot of wealth management and investment experience in the real estate sector in Dubai, Sharjah, and beyond.
    Making his client a priority, he acts as an investment advisor in making sure they get the best in all their real estate needs.

  • Angela Oleka

    Business Development Manager

    Multi-skilled Professional with over 15 Years work experiences in the International Real Estate Industry, Angela brings with her a wealthy of knowledge a Business Development Manager alongside Digital Marketing Skills.

    Her in-depth knowledge of real estate market trends and buyer's psychology, gives her the ability to communicate and assist clients from different cultural and financial backgrounds in all their real estate needs and investment decisions, while adhering to Professional Ethics. She has helped train and groom young, vibrant talents overtime.

  • Yahia Mesrabi

    Senior Property Consultant

    With deep knowledge of the Real Estate Market in Sharjah and Dubai. Yahia is an Off-Plan Specialist, an excellent deal closer with the Arabic speaking community local and international.

  • Heba Abdelhafez

    Senior Property Consultant

    Heba is highly experienced in Dubai and Sharjah Real Estate Properties. With years of experience, she handles her Clients with so much interest in their request applying empathy to make sure they get what they want at the best deal possible,

  • Katerina Turevich

    Graphic Designer

    Katerina is one of the power house of the company, an experienced certified Graphic Designer who puts up all the technical Creatives that is used as end product for every digital marketing campaigns and social media post on all platforms.

    Her knowledge and experience is mixed with deep passion in her skills.

  • Malaz Alqassem

    Senior Property Consultant

    Malaz Alqassem is one of the best, professional Real Estate Broker you would ever come across.

    Specialized in Dubai Real Estate Market both in Off-Plan and Ready Properties, Malaz applies empath and integrity when dealing with his clients.

    Having to his accolades over 80% of closure in real estate sale deal in Dubai, he puts his clients and work first which earns him an achievements in his goals.

  • Lea Denado

    Office Manager

    With an extensive number of years in Real Estate, Lea Denado is deeply professional in all administrative works.

    She has a great personality that makes her stand out amongst her pears. She is accountable for the efficient operation of an office through a variety of administrative, financial, and managerial functions. well strategized in handling and managing the company's day to day activities.

  • Maryam M. Verity

    Senior Property Consultant

    Full of energy and a goal-getter, Maryam Verity is a well seasoned real estate broker with over 9 Years of experience in the Dubai property market.

    She delights in getting the best deals for her clients while taking them and their request personal, applying long term relationship as her watch-word.

  • Sunny Emmanuels

    Senior Property Consultant

    Young and vibrant, Sunny Emmanuel is filled with passion for Dubai Real Estate industry of which he passes on such zeal when he takes up his Client's request.

    He is specialized in Off-Plan and Ready Property sale and rent in Dubai. Integrity and Client satisfaction has always been his watch-word.

    If you looking for the best deal in property sale or rent in Dubai, our highly experienced real estate broker is sure to take you personal from start to closing of the deal even as they journey with you on after sales service.

  • Property Listings

    Home Sweet Home Real Estate

  • Ayodeji Adeleye

    Digital Marketing Executive

    A very resourceful person, Ayo is one who always love to make impact wherever he finds himself, a good team player in his field and beyond.

    His passion for Tech has earned him greater insight in digital technology as a Digital Marketing Executive. His famous quote is, "In what ever field I find myself, I bring the best into it, yielding success is my watch word".

  • Othman Chaar

    Senior Property Consultant

    Othman Chaar is a long time seasoned real estate broker both local and international. He bring with him a wealth of brokerage experience to the Dubai Real Estate Industry.

    His desire to satisfy his client need has won him more clientele base and lasting relationship with every deal that comes his way.