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+971 52 433 3016

About Us

About the Home Sweet Home

We've been providing property owners and tenants with our expert advice on real estate related purchases, sales, and rentals since 2009.
Our knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals strive to ensure the highest quality of customer service. They operate each phase of the purchasing or rental process, while precisely determining the needs of the clients and quickly providing solutions to deal with any issue.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of services to ensure the security and maximum efficiency of every real estate operation. In addition, we strive to expand our client databaseand build trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with each client.

Our Values

1. To provide professional real estate services in a fair and ethical manner.2. To behave professionally in all real estate deals so that not to cause bad feelings or disappointment towards our company or employees.3. To promote or advertise properties in a way that will win respect and acceptance from the property owners that we are charged to promote.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Knowledge

Home Sweet Home has a strong hold on local real estate market tendencies, a well-established business model, and a long list of satisfied clients.

Wide Selection of Properties

With more than 400 property listings in our database and an established network of third-party real estate agents, we can satisfy any taste and budget. 

20 Years of Experience

Home Sweet Home is one of the top leading companies in the real estate industry. We've been helping sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants since 2009.


We value our employees and provide them with a high salary. and a complementary set of life-work benefits. If you want to start a lifetime career, don't hesitate, join our team!

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