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A world considered as a single community in one place, Dubai.

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History of Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village started out in the form of a number of kiosks in January 1997 located on the Creek Side opposite to Dubai Municipality. Back then, the idea behind the event was to showcase everything the world has to offer, it was then later shifted to the Oud Metha Area near Wafi City for 5 years. Today, Dubai Global Village is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E 311 road, Dubai.

Dubai Global Village is the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region. It is a unique and integrated destination to enjoy the world’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment experiences and offers guests a wide range of events, shows and activities that are the largest and most varied in the region. It offers many fun surprises to millions of guests in the open air.

It highlights the best of culture from countries of the world in a lively festival and takes guests on a journey through a group of pavilions, each representing the richness and culture of a different country. It offers unique international cuisine and awe-inspiring entertainment experiences across a wide range of entertaining games and interesting tours.

Different Sections of Dubai Global Village

There are four main sections in the Dubai Global Village. These sections consist of events and concerts, carnivals, food, and shopping. The food aisle will have food from all over the world. Concerts, carnivals, and shopping are the same.

The current admission fee is AED 20. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sqft (1,600,000 m2). The Dubai Global Village operating season starts in November each year and runs until April the following year.

It combines cultures of 90 countries across the world at one place. It claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project. It is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination.

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Organized Parking of Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village has one of the largest capacities parking in Dubai with a total capacity of 18300 vehicles. The parking is divided into two main categories. One is general parking which is free of cost while the other is paid parking known as VIP Parking.

There is valet parking available as well. The parking has a free train and shuttle bus to and from the park.

Facts and Figures

Year Number of visitors
2021/2022 7.8 million visitors, more than 80 cultures represented in 26 pavilions
2019/2020 More than 7 million visitors, From 29 October 2019 to 15 March 2020, 146 days (Closed early due to COVID-19 outbreak instead of 4 April).
2018/2019 7 million visitors, From 30 October 2018 to 13 April 2019, 166 days.
2017/2018 5.6 million visitors, From 1 November 2017 to 7 April 2018, 157 days
2016/2017 From 1 November 2016 to 8 April 2017, 158 days.
2015/2016 From 3 November 2015 to 9 April 2016, 158 days.
2014/2015 From 6 November 2014 to 11 April 2015, 156 days.
2013/2014 From 5 October 2013 to 12 April 2014, 191 days.
2012 7.00 million visitors
2011 5.00 million visitors, 151 days, and 45 country pavilions
2008 4.50 million visitors
2007 4.20 million visitors, 59 days, and 39 country pavilions
2006 2.10 million visitors, 129 days, and 40 country pavilions
2005 5.00 million visitors, 79 days. Dubai Global Village reaches its 10-year mark with a new location and longer operation period
2004 5.20 million visitors, 38 participating countries
2003 3.10 million visitors, 31 participating countries
2002 2.33 million visitors, 28 country pavilions
2001 1.68 million visitors, 25 country pavilions
2000 1.59 million visitors, 22 country pavilions
1999 1.45 million visitors, 20 country pavilions from around the world
1998 1.20 million visitors, 20 country pavilions from around the world
1997 900,000 visitors, 18 countries

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Village_(Dubai)

Dubai Global Village celebrated its 26th anniversary on 26 October 2021 to 10 April 2022. The event was bigger and better than ever before with brand new pavilions, countless new shopping outlets and more surprises. This year, Global Village offered visitors about 40,000 entertainment options and activities. It has also been awarded a ‘Dubai Assured Stamp’ that emphasizes on their commitment to the city’s strict public safety standards and measures.

Dubai Global Village 2021-22 Pavilions

There are 6 pavilions each representing traditions, culture, events and food from their respective countries. Here is a glimpse of the pavilions and what countries they represent.

  1. MENA

Featuring pavilions from the Middle East and North Africa region, the MENA pavilion as a whole is a heartwarming representation of the culture and, more importantly, the people of the area.

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  1. Far East

The Far East pavilion features products and attractions that represent Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. This year, the pavilion is set to host an all new cultural experience zone where you can indulge yourself and learn about various Far Eastern cultures.

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  1. Europe

The Europe Pavilion allows you to pick up everything from typical European styled clothes, perfumes, and memorabilia.

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  1. Africa

The African pavilion highlights more than 15 countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Rwanda, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa and Nigeria. Most of these countries showcase their authentic products as well as their respective country’s art, wealth and traditions

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5. The Americas

The Americas Pavilion brings a wide range of fascinating products that represent North, Central and South America. The pavilion allows you to sample the lifestyles and tastes of the 48 countries in North and South America.

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  1. South Asia

The South Asia pavilion came to Dubai Global Village for the first time bringing experiences from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal along with their own cultures, culinary art and products.

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Dubai Global Village also invites aspiring business acumen to register their interest. Bring your new street food kiosk or food cart to life in the next edition. Potential partners can submit their concepts and quotations before August 1. Every year millions of residents of the UAE and tourists from other countries visited the Dubai Global Village.

Many notable international artists such as Jason Derulo, Liam Payne, Now United, Shahrukh Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Samira Said, Elissa, Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawa, Atif Aslam etc. have performed here at Dubai Global Village.

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Dubai Global Village is located at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Dubai, UAE. Find Global Village on Google Maps.


The Dubai Global Village has broken more than 25 Guinness World Records and welcomed more than 4.5 million visitors in its Silver Jubilee. In season 25, the park showcased 78 cultures in 26 pavilions in 190 days, while last year it opened more than 300 restaurants and 3,500 retail stores.

Dubai Global Village is exactly what it sounds like. An out-rightly extravagant event featuring food, attractions, shopping avenues and much more, the event brings the world together in a way no other event can.

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