• Hassan Mesrabi

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    With over 15 Years of Real Estate industry experience in Dubai and Sharjah, Hassan Mesrabi. brings a wealth of investment knowledge and integrity to his Clients.

    A business intellectual and a smart investor, Hassan co-owns HSH Global and HSH Holiday Homes, all wrapped up in helping Local and Foreign Investors looking to invest and start businesses in Dubai, UAE.

  • Hassan Kazabr

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    A Business Partner and CEO, Hassan Kazabr brings with him real time International business experience in the Real Estate Investment market. A talented and highly successfully person in Property Sales.

    Hassan works with so much diligence and integrity with clients and investors while keeping his Team motivated by his drive for success.

  • Rasha Seddeeq

    Senior Investment Advisor

    Having an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and industry, Rasha is well informed. When it concerns her clients, She believes in a philosophy of transparency.

  • Tajamul Javed

    Director of Sales

    Strong willed and energetic with great passion for Clients, Tajamul is Specialist in Off-Plan Sales. With knowledge in Dubai Real Estate and good insight in Property Investment

    Tajamul is a goal-getter who puts out the best of him in making sure his Clients are satisfied in the right Property and Project inquired for, while boosting sales revenue in closed transactions for the Company.

  • Mohamed Baghajati

    Senior Property Advisor

    With over 13 Years of work experience in the Financial sector, Mohamed comes with a lot of wealth management and investment experience in the real estate sector in Dubai, Sharjah, and beyond.
    Making his client a priority, he acts as an investment advisor in making sure they get the best in all their real estate needs.

  • Yahia Mesrabi

    Senior Property Consultant

    With deep knowledge of the Real Estate Market in Sharjah and Dubai. Yahia is an Off-Plan Specialist, an excellent deal closer with the Arabic speaking community local and international.

  • Heba Abdelhafez

    Senior Property Consultant

    Heba is highly experienced in Dubai and Sharjah Real Estate Properties. With years of experience, she handles her Clients with so much interest in their request applying empathy to make sure they get what they want at the best deal possible,

  • Katerina Turevich

    Graphic Designer

    Katerina is one of the power house of the company, an experienced certified Graphic Designer who puts up all the technical Creatives that is used as end product for every digital marketing campaigns and social media post on all platforms.

    Her knowledge and experience is mixed with deep passion in her skills.

  • Abdelaziz Mesrabi

    Creative Manager

    Abdelaziz is a professional graphic designer with expertise in Branding, Logo Design, Flyer Design, Website Design and other design fields. Work with a seasoned graphics designer to take your visual brand story to the next level. Designer, Photographer. I'll bring your brand to life with vibrant, creative work.

  • Youssef Hosini

    Property Investment Advisor

    Youssef Hasini is calm and calculated with integrity and passion for the real estate market. He brings with him deep and verse knowledge of the real estate industry in Dubai.

    He is well grounded with the different projects and developers in Dubai which makes it easy to give his clients any property investment advise for profitability.

    His goal is to give his clients the best of professional service in every transaction from start to finish.

  • Wissam Jrouj

    Sales Manager

    Wissam Jrouj is a person filled with deep knowledge of the Real Estate Market in Sharjah and Dubai. Wissam is a well renowned Off-Plan Specialist and Team Leader.

    He is an excellent deal closer with not just the Arabic speaking community local and international but also in Dubai with foreign expats he gives his best investment advise to his Clients.

  • Shehroz Khan

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    A social enthusiast, activist, and entrepreneur-mindset soul having an experience of more than 3 years in copywriting, social media marketing, and digital branding. Believe in the continuous growth with skills learning and networking.

    Besides, welcome all the challenges to build strength and willing to help others. A huge fan of Bob Marley and learnt the secrets of success from the book “Who Says You Can’t? You Do” by Daniel Chidiac.

  • Saeed Antonios

    Property Consultant

    Saeed Antonios, born and raised in the rich town of Dubai will help you choose the best investment and/or your dream home.

    Saeed is well-versed in the market which makes him your best property consultant.

    In summary, Saeed is passionate about the real estate industry and always ensures to provide the best real estate service experience.

  • Stefaniia Shaurina

    Property Consultant

    Stefaniia Shaurina is an ambitious property consultant focused on clients' needs. She was born in Moscow and has a great experience in real estate in Dubai and Moscow. Stefaniia fluently speaks Russian, Spanish, and English.

  • Zaki Saleh Jawich

    Property Consultant

    With over 15 years of sales & marketing experience in the Gulf area and 2 years of real estate industry experience in Dubai.
    Zaki is committed to listening to his clients’ needs and utilizing his keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.