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Real Estate in Sharjah-10 Key Areas for Investing

Sharjah stands out as an attractive alternative to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It offers more serene lifestyle with fewer cars and tourists. Renowned for its historical and cultural heritage, the emirate boasts a well-developed infrastructure, modern amenities, and, notably, more affordable real estate prices compared to its neighboring cities. Investing real estate in Sharjah is a strategic decision, especially considering its status as the third-largest emirate in the UAE. With advantages like affordability, diverse property options, high-security levels, and easy access to Dubai, Sharjah has become a preferred choice for those working in Dubai but seeking a more economical living arrangement.

The emirate’s appeal extends to families, thanks to well-established education and healthcare systems, including reputable universities, schools, and hospitals that cater to a diverse population. 

The past year has witnessed a surge in demand for residential and commercial properties in Sharjah, partly driven by the government’s decision to permit foreigners to own properties.

Reasons Why Property Sharjah Boom in 2023?

The property boom in Sharjah in 2023 can be attributed to various factors. The government’s initiative to grant freehold titles to foreign nationals has generated significant interest from overseas investors. This move, coupled with population growth, increased investments, and Sharjah’s strategic location, has fueled a notable surge in real estate transactions. The decision to register freehold titles for foreigners is identified as a key driver of this boom.


Why is real Estate in Sharjah a great investment opportunity?

Investing in real estate in Sharjah is considered a lucrative opportunity due to growing demand, significant developments in the construction sector, and a steady influx of tourists. With an international airport, economic stability, developed infrastructure, and a continuous stream of expats, Sharjah presents a stable and attractive market.

The demand for rental properties in Sharjah has experienced notable growth in 2023, with a 10–20% increase in the cost of apartments and villas in popular areas. This contrasts with Dubai, where larger houses witnessed the most significant rental price increases. WHY YOU NEED TO INVEST IN DUBAI

In 2022, Sharjah recorded AED 24 billion in real estate transactions, with 7,267 sales transactions. And marking an increase of  15.3% from the previous year. The total number of mortgage deals amounted to 4,648, totaling approximately AED 10.1 billion. The first quarter of 2023 alone saw over 21,000 real estate transactions totaling AED 5.9 billion.

Choosing a property in Sharjah involves considering factors such as the purpose of the purchase, preferred location, and potential rental income and resale value for investment purposes. Popular areas for property deals include Muwailih, Mazaira, Al Khan, Al Sajaa, Al Nahda, and Al Qasimia. The diverse market offers luxury apartments, exclusive communities, development projects, and affordable residential complexes, providing investors with a range of attractive options.

For those seeking expert advice on selecting the most profitable property with a high return on investment, consulting specialists are recommended i.e. Home Sweet Home Real Estate. With various investment strategies and opportunities available, the UAE real estate market offers potential for future income growth.

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Key Areas to Investment in Commercial Real Estate in Sharjah

Let’s elaborate on the key areas within the property investment landscape in Sharjah:

Residential Properties:

    • The demand for residential properties in Sharjah is driven by a growing population, including both locals and expatriates. Investors may explore opportunities to construct or acquire apartments, villas, or townhouses to cater to diverse housing needs.

Commercial Real Estate:

    • Sharjah’s strategic location as a business hub in the UAE makes commercial real estate an attractive investment. Office spaces, retail outlets, and warehouses in key business districts are in demand, offering potential returns for investors.


Free Zone Properties:

    • Sharjah’s free zones, such as the SAIF Zone and Hamriyah Free Zone, provide favorable conditions for investors, including 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions. Investing in properties within these zones can be advantageous for businesses looking to establish a presence in the region.

Industrial and Warehousing:

    • Dedicated industrial zones in Sharjah emphasize manufacturing and logistics. Investors can strategically invest in industrial properties and warehouses, especially those located near transportation hubs.

Hospitality and Tourism:

    • Sharjah’s focus on cultural and historical attractions has led to a booming tourism sector. Investing in hotel properties, resorts, and serviced apartments can be a lucrative venture, given the increasing number of tourists visiting the emirate.

Mixed-Use Developments:

    • Mixed-use projects that integrate residential, commercial, and recreational components cater to diverse lifestyle needs. These developments create vibrant communities and are gaining popularity among investors seeking comprehensive real estate opportunities.

Affordable Housing:

    • The demand for affordable housing is a significant aspect of Sharjah’s property market. Investors targeting the middle-income segment can contribute to meeting this demand by investing in projects that offer reasonably priced housing options.

Waterfront Properties:

    • Sharjah’s coastal areas present opportunities for waterfront developments, offering scenic views and access to amenities. Investing in properties with sea views can attract both residents and tourists, contributing to the overall appeal of the real estate.

Real Estate Services:

    • As the property market continues to grow, there is a demand for professional real estate services. Investors may consider providing services such as property management, brokerage, and consultancy to capitalize on this growing market.

Senior Living Communities:

    • The aging population in Sharjah creates a niche market for senior living communities. Investors can explore opportunities in developing properties that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of elderly residents.

Before engaging in any investment in real estate in Sharjah, thorough due diligence is essential. Understanding local regulations and seeking advice from legal and financial professionals i.e. HSH Estate can help ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of Sharjah and the UAE. 

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