We all get impressed by the numbers, but when it comes to the United Arab Emirates, we get impressed by the expats living in Dubai.

According to the research, the total population of the United Arab Emirates is 10.08 million approximately in which people from different countries are coming here and settling their business and families.


If we shed light on the numbers, it may surprise you because the Emiratis are just 11.48% whereas the Expats are 88.52%. This is why we call it home for all.

On the other hand, people are more interested in purchasing the property that has increased the demand of realtors in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the largest Emirate and one of the popular and most preferable by the nationalities to live in.


The top realtors throughout the UAE are more than happy to continue business in the real estate market because they are seeing a bright future in the real estate industry.

Have you ever interacted with a real estate agent for your property consultation? Most of them never miss a chance to assist you in getting your desired property in Dubai.

Why Having a Home in Dubai?

Dubai is the most modern, preferable, and luxury enriched Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. People most likely to come to Dubai for business, tourism, and property sales and purchase.

Having your own home in Dubai gives you multiple benefits in which one of them is a TAX-FREE country.

Let us jot down the jaw-dropping reasons of having a home in Dubai.

  1. If you are having your property in Dubai, that means you are not only living but also making money without putting any effort. YES! The property prices are most likely to increase instead of dropping down.
  2. It is one of the safest places where you can live without any worries of getting robbed, street crimes, and other troubles for your family.
  3. You interact with the people around the world by living in Dubai and building networking. Also, it is the home of the future and having the museum of the future indicates that Dubai is an extraordinarily modern place to live and stay in the near future.
  4. The transportation is fairly easy and fast and saves you time no matter where you are living, you always get the way to reach your destination.
  5. You do not need to pay the yearly TAXES of your property because as aforementioned UAE is a Tax-Free country.
  6. Otherwise, there are many fun and entertainment spots where you can visit and relax yourself without even spending your money. Yes, most of them are free to enjoy, for example, beaches, public parks, canals, night clubs, etc.
  7. The life you get in Dubai is extremely luxurious and meets the high standards of living which is surely a blessing.
  8. Dubai allows you to trade, mine, and connect with people without having any consent from the government. Ensure that the concern is fair.
  9. The economy of Dubai is fairly strong and the world class infrastructure makes you feel that you are living in the best part of the Middle East.
  10. Last, but not the least, Dubai real estate information is always available and publicly accessible from everyone to understand the basic criteria of having a home in Dubai is very easy and instant.

There are couple of reasons to stay in Dubai and spend a good life. The following reasons you will find legit and can convince you to have a place in Dubai, home for all.

Business in Dubai – Earn Limitless

To stay somewhere requires earnings, and earning well requires a good business. Business in Dubai is the best way to earn limitless and build more opportunities to grow beyond the limits.

Why business in Dubai is safe and how it gives you more benefits?

  • You come to Dubai by having an idea in your mind and see it coming true instantly. There is no TAX requirement in Dubai, you earn well and save entirely.
  • People from all over the world are coming to Dubai because of its advancement and building opportunities in every business sector whether it is real estate, marketing, blockchain, or Fintech.
  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure of Dubai is setting an example of the advance construction facilities which is really helping development sector people to create good opportunities and money-making.
  • No matter from where you are, if you are a real estate investor, business owner, professional, you can easily get your green visa for 5 years or golden visa for 10 years to stay in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The daily life activities are really convenient and the residences are really comfortable.

Boom in Real Estate Sector

The advancement in real estate business is surprising people and grabbing the attention to start the real estate business in Dubai. The rapidly growing infrastructure of Dubai is the evidence that the future of real estate is pretty bright.


Another important factor of taking part in the real estate business is the availability of freehold areas. People are purchasing & selling apartments in the blink of an eye.

The realtors and real estate agents are having specialization in off-plan and secondary market. So, if you are planning to stay in Dubai, you can search your dream place easily.

Different Colors of the World

Since the Dubai is international city, so people from all over the world to this Emirate and spend their holidays here. Most of them are coming to Dubai with business mindset.

If we shed some light on the numbers of expats living here or coming to Dubai, you might get surprise because they are more than the Emiratis.

It is the hub of different cultures, languages, festivals, food, and business. You can find any brand in Dubai easily whether it is about food, lifestyle, grooming, or technology.

You get the opportunity to understand different mindsets and the way of living because every day you can interact with different nationalities. Dubai provides you with the way of learning as well.

Last, but not least.


The fastest and easy way to travel in Dubai is metro lines. The Dubai metro covers almost the most visiting areas including Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Emirates Towers, Palm Jumeirah, etc.

Also, there are RTA (Road Transport Authority) buses and taxis are available to travel. Buses are cheap but the taxis are bit expensive to afford. Not only that, there are different online transportation services are available like Careem, Uber, and Hala Taxi.

The Dubai is well-organized and updated that helps you in finding your desired location easily just by inserting your destination in the Google maps. It gets you there directly.

Furthermore, there is one more amazing option which is ekar. The ekar allows you to use the car on rental basis, drive yourself, and leave the car at your destination.

Summing Up

There is no doubt that Dubai is a home for all. Research says that Dubai is also awaited to increase the population to 3.5 million by 2030. You can imagine the more people will come to Dubai, the more it will be good for the residents to leverage the facilities.

To learn more about the upcoming project in Dubai, head over to this blog and it will be a mind-blowing and surprising project for you. Also, reach us out via our website or social media pages to get more information to have your dream place in Dubai.

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