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Biggest Real Estate Event in Lahore

Biggest Real Estate Event in Lahore Pakistan from Dubai

Dubai's Biggest Real Estate Event in Lahore, Pakistan. Home Sweet Home Real Estate (@homesweethome.uae) is bringing top developers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah to your doorsteps with the most lucrative investment opportunities on the most promising ongoing projects in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi with the best possible returns on your investment. In fact, it’s the best time to invest in real...

What is the Sale Price of Villas in Dubai

What is the Sale Price of Villas in Dubai?

The demand for villas for sale in Dubai keeps increasing rapidly. Dubai has the largest assortment of real estate in the Emirates and the highest prices. There are freehold zones for buying real estate and land plots that can be purchased for housing construction. In the article, we will discuss the demand and prices for the villas for sale in Dubai.     Popular villa communities in Dubai...



What are the five common mistakes to avoid when buying property in Dubai? Most investors make the fatal and most damaging mistake of not doing enough research when buying property in Dubai. Investors need to understand what property they are buying, the agency to consult and who the developer is, what is their background, where is their office, what is their portfolio, what work they have done and so on....



RENTING HOME IN DUBAI – EXPECTATION VS REALITY There are always two sides to every story: Expectations and reality. Most of the time, you expect something extraordinary and get almost nothing in return because the reality is something else. Here in the article, we will explain the reality of renting the home in dubai.   The same thing applies to the real estate market in Dubai. You look for a...

moon world resorts

Moon World Resorts: Luxe Under Celestial Sky – HSH Estate

The proposed Moon World Resorts could have Burj Khalifa-like shows According to reports, the project will cost some $5 billion. The proposal is made by a Canadian architectural company, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), and they are calling the project ‘Moon Dubai’.     Only 12 humans have been to the moon. But what if the lunar experience could be brought down to Earth in the form of...

dubai property buyers

Dubai’s Top Property Buyers

Dubai Property Buyers The top three property buyers in Dubai are Russians, British taking the second place and Indians in third place. Dubai continued to outperform almost all other international real estate markets, as the post-COVID migration continues swiftly. Dubai's real estate sector witnessed an amazing quarter for completed transactions, with 22,895 units sold, which is up by 61 per cent from...



BEST REASONS TO LIVE IN DUBAI We all get impressed by the numbers, but when it comes to the United Arab Emirates, we get impressed by the expats living in Dubai. According to the research, the total population of the United Arab Emirates is 10.08 million approximately in which people from different countries are coming here and settling their business and families.   If we shed light on the...

Dubai Property Market

Dubai Property Market

Dubai Property Market The Dubai property market continues to rise despite the fear of increasing global inflation. The Dubai property market has had a year of rapid growth as the UAE economy recovers from the coronavirus crisis with various initiatives such as reforming the country's golden visa. Monthly rent growth has slowed for the third consecutive month, suggesting that we could see rent growth to...

The Rental Price of Properties in Dubai 1

The Rental Price of Properties in Dubai

The Rent-Age of Properties in Dubai is Increasing. Dubai has one of the highest standards of living in the middle-east. Residents here enjoy a tax-free income and relatively crime-free environment, and when combined with world-class schools and universities, hospitals, malls, theme parks and entertainment districts, anyone would be motivated to move or invest in this emirate. However, living in Dubai...

The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe, Dubai

The Heart of Europe Dubai in the UAE became the focus of attention of the world in recent times. It is a dream project for many of the European magic lovers, and lovers of special holidays. As the islands of The Heart of Europe project offer all you may dream of. It is a magnificent archipelago (a group of islands) that will fulfill all of your aspirations. In terms of distinction, privacy, charm,...

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