The Heart of Europe, Dubai

The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe Dubai in the UAE became the focus of attention of the world in recent times. It is a dream project for many of the European magic lovers, and lovers of special holidays.

Home Sweet Home Real Estate Dubai - Heart of Europe

As the islands of The Heart of Europe project offer all you may dream of. It is a magnificent archipelago (a group of islands) that will fulfill all of your aspirations. In terms of distinction, privacy, charm, and recreation.

In The Heart of Europe units, you can pamper yourself by practicing your favorite activities, from sailing in the water, diving, water skiing, or enjoying a purely European shopping experience from the best brands in the world.

The project of Kleindienst Group offers you a large number of various units between 5-star & 7-star hotels, suites, villas, and palaces, with a huge amount of imaginative features. Here, we will present to you everything related to the project like specifications, designs, prices, advantages, and even disadvantages.

The Location of The Heart of Europe Project

The Heart of Europe Dubai project site is one of its main attractions. The islands are located near the coast of Dubai; Specifically, 5 km from it, which is about 10 minutes from the coast of Dubai, so it is in a strategic tourist location that is near an endless group of places of tourism in Dubai.


The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe project was designed to include 8 main islands. Each island representing a different European country, to bear its distinctive character to feel as if you are already on the land of these countries. These islands are for luxury and sophistication; they are also equipped with services and facilities of the highest quality. It is supposed that the island host about 4000 Unit distributed over 15 hotels and resorts. The interconnected islands of The Heart of Europe Project are;

Sweden Palace or Sweden Island

The distinctive Sweden island owns 10 luxurious mansions; Located directly on the beachfront with a design inspired by Swedish Vikings ships. Each of the island’s palaces is consider as a whole Maldivian castle, but only for its owner. With a private beach, green garden with flowers, and lush spring trees.

The palace designs of the Sweden Island are distinguish by the luxury and sophistication, besides the vast areas of 2,015 m2, with different divisions of up to 7 bedrooms. All of which are to the highest level with the furnishings of “Bentley” furniture. It includes gyms, sauna, ballroom, ice room, private swimming pool for each mansion, and glazed windows with a panoramic view over the beach.


Germany Island of The Heart of Europe

If you’re a fan of modern luxury designs, you’ll find what you wish in the dazzling beach villas of Germany Island. The villas have unique green gardens, private beaches for more privacy and recreation, swimming pools ideal for all swimming enthusiasts. This island is one of the most beautiful resorts in The Heart of Europe Beach project.

Booking villas in Germany Island, The Heart of Europe start from an area of 796 m2 to 853 m2. It consists of a villa with 4 to 5 bedrooms plus a maid room. It was inspired by the designs of the Bauhaus, where the windows expand from floor to ceiling, with panoramic views on amazing green gardens. You can choose your ideal view, whether on the beach or the blue lake.

Venice Island or the Floating Hotel

The floating Venice island, the Heart of Europe

Venice Island, or as it is called the floating hotel, is one of the most famous islands in the Heart of Europe project. This island includes the first luxury underwater boat resort, in which you will find the magic of coral reefs. And the most beautiful view of the Dubai skyline, amid live viewing of gondolas crossing the island.

Venice Lido Island includes 180 suites underwater equipped at the highest level. The spaces ranging from one suite with an area of 21 m2 to 133 m2. The island includes 24 swimming pools, 10 sandy beaches. In addition to a gym, spa, and a series of international restaurants, all underwater. This’s what makes Venice island an attraction for lovers of fun, entertainment, adventure and of course Venice.

Portofino Hotel in Italy

The Italian Portofino Hotel is the first hotel among the models of the Heart of Europe project for families only. The island is distinguished by beaches, as well as the structural designs that reflect the originality of Italian architecture.

Portofino Hotel includes 463 suites, the areas that range between 258 to 1457 m2. Each includes a children’s room, a lobby with 514 water pools, 5 swimming pools as well as a spa and women’s gyms.

Côte d’Azur Resort of The Heart of Europe

Lagoon on the French island of Cote de Azur

The Cote d’Azur Hotels Resort is located on the main island of Europe. It includes 4 and 5-star boutique hotels with a design inspired by the charming French Riviera. The resort includes hotels with units equipped at the highest level, the charming French rainforest, as well as a huge Infinity Pool over the seafront.

Home Sweet Home Real Estate Dubai - Heart Of Europe 2

The design of Cote d’Azur Hotels Resort simulates the famous French cities models such as Monaco, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez. Each hotel in this resort has 250 rooms with a super lux finish, with areas starting from 45 mand up to 63 m2, in addition to a gym and spa with a snow room, as well as a tropical forest for green nature lovers.

St. Petersburg Island of The Heart of Europe

Honeymoon Island St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is one of the best islands in The Heart of Europe for honeymooners, in a similar style to the Maldives. The units of this island resemble the heart shape, making it the best fit for every couple. It also includes impressive gardens, beaches, and various facilities for enjoyment and entertainment.

St. Petersburg Island includes a special edition of 100 floating Sea Horse villas, with spaces that start from 330 m2, in addition to a range of facilities that achieve the highest levels of luxury in the heart of Dubai, like a pool bar, a beach bar, open-air romantic cinema and impressive romantic restaurant for a dinner in the special French atmosphere.

The Floating Seahorse Villas Resort

If you are a fan of the attractive marine life, the Floating Seahorse Villas Resort will achieve what you dream of, as the resort provides the first group of underwater villas, in the heart of charming marine life with the ability to control the climate. The Bedrooms are in the heart of the water, with a distinctive terrace to catch the golden rays of the sun every morning.

Home Sweet Home Real Estate Dubai - Heart Of Europe 3

The Villas of Seahorse Resort have areas that start from 371 m2, + 100-year warranty, besides providing a Jacuzzi with a view of the coral gardens, as well as that each villa has an Outdoor Food Court.

Switzerland Island of The Heart of Europe

If you want a pure place with green areas and panoramic views on the white sandy beaches, you will find what you want on the Switzerland island. It has sparkling blue lakes that resemble the original Swiss lakes, with fantastic water views, and the availability of different unit spaces.

The Switzerland island villas have perfect swimming pools, and a series of unique lush green gardens; with more than 60 kinds of tropical plants and curved palm trees; To rejuvenate every day you live on the island, away from the city noise, plus that it is powered by clean solar energy.

is one of its main attractions. The islands are located near the coast of Dubai; specifically, 5 km from it, which is about 10 minutes from the coast of Dubai. So it is in a strategic tourist location that is near an endless group of places of tourism in Dubai.


The giant project The Heart of Europe in Dubai, UAE is belonging to the Kleindienst Group. The leading real estate company that started its journey more than 30 years ago, with projects in Austria and Hungary.

It expand its international scope through a variety of industries. It has an exclusive real estate portfolio in some of the most desirable locations in the world.

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