What is a Sustainable City?

Sustainable City

A Sustainable City

A sustainable city concept incorporates eco-friendly practices, green spaces and supporting technology into the urban environment to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions, enhance air quality, and protect natural resources.

These practices lead to a healthier environment for city residents and a lower carbon footprint for the city. Sustainable cities are becoming essential in the quest to reverse global climate change.


Cities today must retrofit their infrastructure — for example, to ensure that the city can be easily navigated on foot, by bicycle or on eco-friendly public transit systems. And the energy that powers and supports city systems — from the power grid to water management to traffic and transit can be upgraded to support lower emissions and better air quality.

In this article, we look at goals for sustainable cities and society, and how urban areas across the globe can adopt green practices today and tomorrow.

What Is a Sustainable City?

A sustainable city is an urban center engineered to improve its environmental impact through urban planning and management. For an eco-city definition, picture cities with parks and green spaces, solar-powered buildings, rooftop gardens and more pedestrians and cyclists than cars.


This is not a futuristic dream. Smart cities are actively moving toward greener urban ecosystems and better environmental stewardship.
Green technology is a key factor that is helping to foster more sustainable urban development. It comprises all aspects of city planning, including transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications and energy.

Green tech also supports green living practices, including recycling and use of energy and renewable resources in homes and offices. Sensors, gateways, embedded radios and cellular routers are at the heart of many sustainable city infrastructure and green building systems. See our video introducing the green tech landscape.

6 Characteristics and Key Features of a Sustainable City


What are cities doing to become more sustainable? Smart cities are creating sustainable places with clean technology, parks and pathways, and urban sustainability principles. See our list of key eco city characteristics to learn how to achieve sustainable cities and communities.

Cities can do a number of things to support sustainable practices:

1. Make it easy to get around without a car
2. Add EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations
3. Provide access to public resources and green spaces
4. Improve water conservation and wastewater management
5. Support urban farming
6. Implement green architecture

Why We Need Green Cities: Considering the Benefits

The importance of sustainable cities and communities is becoming increasingly critical in the quest to reverse environmental damage and improve the livability of cities. Urban green ecosystems can make an enormous difference for the environment.

Here are some of the key benefits of a green city:

1. Environmental stewardship — each of us doing our part, using sustainable systems
2. Mitigating the impact of global warming
3. Better air quality, leading to improvements in residents’ health and wellness
4. Improved water management and reduction of avoidable water loss
5. More efficient use of the electric grid for reduced carbon emissions and lower costs
6. Better use of solar energy and shade trees to reduce the use of resources

In Conclusion

Dubai is famous for its innovative buildings and concepts. Diamond Developers’ flagship development, The sustainable City in Dubai is a 46-hectare property development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Situated on the Al Qudra Road, it is the first net-zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai.


Sustainable Living Brought to Sharjah

Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) and Diamond Developers have joined forces to develop a world-class mixed use project that meets the highest standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


This project is designed to improve the quality of life for residents without compromising the needs of future generations, as well as presenting opportunities for research, learning and inspiring how we can minimize our carbon footprint.

Sharjah Sustainable City is the first fully-integrated and Net Zero Energy community in the Emirate of Sharjah, inspiring a sustainable movement for a greener future. Home Sweet Home Real Estate is always available to help you in any decision making you may have in buying Villas and Townhouse in Sharjah Sustainable City.

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