Dubai Residents can now check Dewa bills on Amazon Alexa

Dubai Residents can now check Dewa Bills on Amazon Alexa

Dubai residents can now review their monthly Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa Bills) bills on Amazon Alexa in Arabic, the utility services provider said on Sunday.


Dewa said it has started providing its smart services on Amazon Alexa in Arabic, becoming the first government utility in the world to do this.

Customers can now check their past statements, details of electricity and water consumption, their carbon footprint, as well as connect their Dewa account to other Amazon accounts.

Dubai Residents can now check Dewa bills on Amazon Alexa

Customers can also benefit from Rammas, Dewa’s virtual employee, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Amazon’s Alexa devices in Arabic to answer their enquiries.

Moreover, customers can benefit from the Smart Living initiative, which enables them to make smart decisions to reduce their consumption proactively and digitally as well as solve problems and causes for increased consumption or waste on their own; without contacting Dewa.

“We strive to shape the future, keep pace with global developments and smart technologies to develop work mechanisms in order to enrich the customer experiences and make them happier… We are proud that Dewa is the first government utility in the world that provides its services in Arabic on Amazon Alexa,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dewa.

“Moreover, Dewa enables its customers to complete their transactions anytime and anywhere easily and safely on its website and smart app as well as other smart and digital channels. This saves their time and efforts and enhances their happiness as well as contribution to protecting the environment, natural resources and reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

Dubai Residents IN CONCLUSION

“We’re very excited to see DEWA making their services available to its customers on Alexa, introducing an innovative and more sustainable way of engaging with government utilities. Just by using their voice, customers benefit from a broad range of innovative Dewa services that not only save time and resources but also provide inspiration to lead a more sustainable life,” said Eric Saarnio, vice-president for devices and services at Amazon.

Smart adoption of Dewa’s services reached 98.9 per cent in the third quarter of 2021. For smart real estate professionals this information would be very helpful to know, so as to advise Clients and as well as update existing ones with the latest updates when buying or renting a property in Dubai.

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