The weeklong real estate transactions in Dubai totaled AED9.4 billion.

According to data from the Dubai Land Department, real estate and property transactions totaled AED9.4 billion during the week ending September 9, 2022. The sum of transactions was 2,594.

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For a total of AED 946.55 million and AED 3.92 billion, 871 apartments and villas, as well as 209 plots, were sold.

The top three deals involved the sale of land in Island 2 for AED 46.5 million, land in Al Barsha South Third for AED 26 million, and land in Island 2 for AED 46.5 million, which came in third.

Al Hebiah Fifth had the highest sales this week with 78 transactions totaling AED195.97 million. Nad Al Shiba First came in second with 25 deals totaling AED146.24 million, and Jabal Ali First came in third with 24 transactions totaling AED89 million.

The top three transfers for apartments and villas were an apartment in Al Wasl that went for AED664 million, an apartment in Marsa Dubai that went for AED460 million, and an apartment in Business Bay that went for AED419 million.

The total value of mortgaged properties for the week came to AED3.42 billion, with land in Nadd Hessa having the highest mortgage of AED2 billion.

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A total of 100 properties totaling AED 1 billion were distributed among first-degree relatives.

The Dubai real estate market also saw 79 mortgage agreements totaling AED201.95 million, 11 gift deals totaling AED27.97 million, and 228 sales transactions totaling AED443.59 million today.

64 villas and apartments worth AED97.61 million and 15 land plots worth AED104.34 million were included in the mortgages while 213 villas and apartments worth AED360.71 million and 51 land plots worth AED82.88 million were sold.


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