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moon world resorts

The proposed Moon World Resorts could have Burj Khalifa-like shows

According to reports, the project will cost some $5 billion. The proposal is made by a Canadian architectural company, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), and they are calling the project ‘Moon Dubai’.



Only 12 humans have been to the moon. But what if the lunar experience could be brought down to Earth in the form of a destination resort for the millions of others?

At least that’s what one Canada-based architectural design and intellectual property licensor plans to do. And Dubai is a “forerunner” location for one of four destination resorts that the company plans to license.

With all the architectural marvels that the UAE is home to, it is not difficult to imagine a sphere-shaped structure here.

In this image, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) has depicted the resort in Downtown Dubai right at the site of the Burj Khalifa:

Towering over 200 meters, with a 198-meter sphere diameter, the project is set to feature 4,000 “luxury resort suites”. It will incorporate boutique private residences, with 300 units available for purchase — housed internally within the main superstructure disc buildings. Owners will be members of an exclusive club who will “enjoy exclusive privileges”.

Here is how the hotel looks from a design perspective;

Moon World Resorts Burj Khalifa like

Moon World Resorts plans to license four Moon Destination Resorts around the globe: One each in North America, Europe, MENA, and Asia.

For the MENA region, Moon World Resorts is considering the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The company puts the construction budget at $5 billion, with an annual revenue projection of $1.8 billion.

If sanctioned, Moon Dubai “will welcome at least 10 million annual visitations”, according to the co-founder of Moon World Resorts.

moon world resorts

The fully integrated resort will be constructed to a LEED Gold five-star standard and “operated at a five-diamond level”.


Regional licensees may choose to have Moon developed as a standalone resort or as a central focal point surrounded by a mixed-use community “similar to the relationship between the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai”.

Dubai is unstoppable when it comes to futuristic attractions and adding records to its name! The city, which is already famed for its world’s tallest building, the incredible Burj Khalifa, will soon add another feather to its cap by constructing a unique moon-shaped resort. It’s already being duped as an engineering gem.

The lunar colony will allow guests to enjoy affordable space tourism within the resort. The other prime feature of the resort will be the ‘sky villas’, the luxurious private residences.


Photo courtesy: Moon World Resorts Inc./FB

The property will also feature a spa and wellness unit, an event space, a nightclub, a meeting space, a lounge, and ‘a moon shuttle.


Guests will be able to experience zero gravity, walk on a ‘lunar surface’, or take a ride in a rover when the $5-billion project opens.

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