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There are always two sides to every story; Expectations & Reality. It happens most of the time that you expect something extraordinary and gets almost nothing in return. Because the reality is something else.

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The same thing applies to the real estate market in Dubai. You look for a rental apartment and start imagining things that are not really true. But, if you are consulting Home Sweet Home Real Estate, you will surely be getting what you are looking for. Because we are turning dreams into reality.

The expectation beyond the reality is still a disappointment for the tenants in Dubai, in such a case, you need expert property managers who can find you a better place that at least meets your expectations.

Let’s shed some light on the expectation vs reality when you are renting a home in Dubai.

1. Legal Process (Paperwork)

We understand the paperwork can be the most hectic stage while renting an apartment in Dubai but still we try to make this process easier for you and also expedite it to get rid of useless delays.

Expectation: You will have to find out the apartment yourself and go through the entire renting process.

Reality: There are unlimited real estate agencies with a huge number of expert brokers who come up with the options for you. You do not need to look for the options that you are going to have on rentals, the expert property consultants will help you and get you a dream place.

When the renting process starts, there are a couple of things a tenant should keep in mind in which tenancy contract is on top. The beginning of the paperwork which a real estate agent prepares for his client and explains everything in detail to get rid of any kind of fraudulent risk.

All you need to do is to go through the terms and conditions, rental price, handover date, payment plan, and other important stuff. Once you are sure, just sign the tenancy contract and here you go, you are now having a home on rent. This is the reality that is far different than the expectations.

2. Furnished or Non-Furnished

It always pops up in our mind when we think of a home that will be full of luxurious and comfortable furniture and fixture. But it always depends upon the choice you are going to make for your rental apartment.

Expectation: When you plan to rent an apartment or any kind of residence in Dubai, you think of the luxuries and modern living.

Reality: Whether you are renting an apartment in Dubai or planning to buy, you always have an option for furnished and non-furnished apartments. If you opt for furnished apartments, you always get the necessary things for a living and use them for the rental duration.

But, if you opt for the non-furnished apartment, you still have to decorate the rental apartment in Dubai to make it convenient for your living. This is not the only reason you want to shift to Dubai, there are more, so if you want to find out the best reasons to live in Dubai, you can always have several options.

3. Rental Increment/Change in Contract

This is one of the fears a tenant always has while renting an apartment in Dubai if the owner increases rent after a few months.

Expectation: If you are going to rent an apartment in Dubai, you might be having a question in mind if an owner increases the rent and break the terms.

Reality: Usually, the tenancy contract is for one year and then you are obliged to change the terms and rent. But, if an owner asks to increase the rent in the middle of the contract, you can consult the Dubai Land Department for legal support because the contract can only be changed with the approval of both parties.

4. Mode of Payment

This is the critical part while renting an apartment in Dubai. People think that they can just pay and have the access to the home.

Tenancy contract for the rental house in Dubai

Expectations: Pay the property owner in cash and have ownership of the apartment instantly.

Reality: There are different modes of payment when renting a home in Dubai. The real estate experts help you with that and do the entire process from scratch to suffice. There are cheque options for you, you can pay the payment in one, two, three, or four cheques based on the payment splitting.

It depends on the agreement from both parties that how you want to pay and how they want to receive the payment. However, there is no difficulty in paying the rent for a home in Dubai. It is as simple as 1,2,3.

Let’s Rent a Home in Dubai

You are good to go for renting a home in Dubai now. We have tried to sum up all the information you should have before renting a home in Dubai. Also, a bit of research is still required before you are opting a choice.

Ensure that you consult a good real estate agency in Dubai so that you can never risk becoming a fraud victim. The real estate market in Dubai is advancing and still growing, you might get confused because of the several options but if you have Home Sweet Home Real Estate, you can always have a good choice for renting a home in Dubai.

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